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. if they can continue through the maryland county, then with we would run through the pe riff corrals of -- prif corrals -- periphals of the county. it's 5:36. it's hard to admit, but 8-1, sweeney, took the [ inaudible ]]. they took four of the series home, and half of them in baltimore. details on that next. >>> and animals are having problems with the heavy rains in iowa. >>> we are going to move it to justin for your forecast. >> we have some 50s outside of the beltway, but we are going to make a run for the heat wave. >>> let's go to mta. thank you, justin. we have a few bus delays out there. we have the 120 commuter bus 15 minutes late. 64 of the [ inaudible ] buses, hanover and [ inaudible] ]. for the [ inaudible ] transit team, i am curt lockkey. >> any of you heading out to the beach, we have the forecast for you. right now, 65. partly cloudy skies, and even by the own waterways and we are looking west there, we have guaranteed highs this afternoon, and we should this all the way through to the sun set time. 5:41, let's check in with kim and traffic. >> >> we have no major
time to head out to 95. staying in maryland. 66 is looking good all morning long. eastbound and westbound from centreville to 495. not seeing anything blocking the travel lanes. in gaithersburg, maryland, drivers commuter alert is in place approaching shady grove. blocking the right lane. emergency crews are trying to clear it up. hopefully -- hopefully it will be gone in a short time. the inner loop a in maryland, a crash on the right shoulder. not causing major delays both side of the american legion, no problems and 95 and bw parkway as we switch to the maps looking good between 695 and 495. no problems reported. back to andrea. >>> you can take a shower this morning but don't let it last too long and don't let the water run while you brush your teeth. that's the order from wssc because of a leaking water main. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland where work to fix the leak is going on around the clock. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. this work will likely be going on around the clock until at least monday. and until then what this means for 1.8 million ws
from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> hundreds of people left stranded on board marked trains in the middle of a heat wave. >> what a maryland congressman wants to happen now. >> good morning. here's what we're talking about today. the recent miserable experiences may pave the way for a better ride on the rails nationwide. live at the station, alex with more on a passenger bill of rights. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. the horror stories of people being trapped for hours on end sparked a passengers rights. the break down last month left 900 marked passengers stranded for two hours in sweltering conditions. no air conditioning, water, or word on relief. >> there were a couple people that passed out. we were taken out the windows, no one is in control of the marked commuter system. it's the commuters that suffer. >> reporter: a bill guaranteeing a passengers bill of rights for all rail and commuter vehicles. >> it also requires them to require passengers with adequate food, water,
for maryland's new gop ticket. big crowds today in campaign stops throughout the state. alex demitris was there. >> reporter: it was meet, greet and get to know. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: as the campaign made a stop. formally introduced, cane is a prosecutor and mother. >> i need someone, a go to person. someone that can lead, who's been there. ladies and gentlemen the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland, kane. >> i think the pick of mary kane is a particularly good one. seems like around the country it's the year for women. >> mary, mary, mary,. >> thank you folks very much. >> reporter: a first generation american, kane's parents who immigrated stood by with tears in their eyes. >> my parents came here in the mid-1950s. they took a big risk in leaving their family to find a better future. i have learned firsthand, what it is to be an american. >> all right you guys, let's hear it. >> reporter: tomorrow ehrlick and kane will file their paper work to run in the election. >>> our media partner the sun reports the company is accused of double billing the government. the suit
controversy. >> tte next lieutenant governor for the state of maryland. >> bob ehrlich introduces his running mate mary kahne to baltimore. >> i am excited about a woman being lieutenant governor. >> who needs a mama grizzly. >> mary kahneea republican under ehrllch, for 11 months. ú%rnging experience, in goverrment, and the private seetor toothe table. >> we need to encourage to grow in maryland. >> kahne is also married to john kahne. a former g.o.p. ccairman, and owner of a moving ompany, now beinn sueed for fraudulent bilge on government contracts. >> in a way, i wonder whetherúú. >> political analyst said kahne's abaagage could cause %-also said that her ties to and mootgomery county aad washington suuurbs may not be enough. >> these days, thh temperament are against all pprties. both he parties. and it might have been better if %-so clearly identifyed with the party. >> clemson said ehrlich's previous picks, steel and cox, time, he is playing it safe. >> given the ratio between ú%mocratic and republican voters in maayland. i don't think a he republican can win ii he played it right
county in the state. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next lieutenant governor of maryland, mary cain. >> they took to the campaign trail on thursday surrounded by supporters. >> we will start over in january, putting maryland first again. >> bob ehrlich introduced mary came on her home turf, montgomery county. people believe that it is it wise choice. >> it reaches out to montgomery county. it reaches out to women. it even reaches out the catholics. >> decisions that she took after serving as secretary of state in bob ehrlich's administration gives her experience as a prosecutor in montgomery county. when the republican governor was defeated by martin o'malley, he lost by 79,000 votes in montgomery county. >> we have the most voters, the most independent voters, we will be essential in this election. >> move maryland forward. >> he is from montgomery county and he made it one of his first campaign stops after announcing his reelection bid. >> take merriman back? back to what? >> he does not believe that anyone county will influence the 2010 gubernatorial return. it is not just a ques
for that update. >>> a traffic alert for anyone on the roads. the maryland lap. agencies promise that there is zero tolerance for drunk drivers. y that setting up dui checkpoints and concentrating officers in areas known with to have a high number of driving accidents or arrests. >>> perfect weather to go into that 4th of july weekend. it can't last, no summer is coming back and that looks like it's in time for the 4th of july. what are we talking here, gary? >> reporter: i have good news and bad news. the good news is this forecast hasn't changed the last few days. as you said, we're going to be very, very hot and that is in some sense the bad news. more good news, we're not going to be that humid and that is in the mid-90s and instead of around 100 degrees or 102 or 103 and that is not going to be miserable and that is going to be hot july 4th and all weekend, too. here's our current temperatures, 81 degrees in the city. as you fly back to the west, there is warm stuff and there is -- that is not real, real hot yet. over the next few days, we'll build the heat and again, this 4
maryland." >> the first one is about controlling your temper. most people that start out, including myself, have issues with avenuer and how deal with that? >> but that's not all the iron man has up his sleeve. for months rumors have swirled about him taking apparition in the front office. he says fans think it's a no- brainer but it's not that simple. >> i'm having wonderful talks with mr. answer lows. i started thinking if i do come back the timing would be back in a couple years. the urgency of things that went wrong this year, start of the season, has kind of kicked that forward and -- >> when he retired he made a commitment to be there for his kids until they graduated high school. his daughter is in college but his son still has two years to go yet. >> well on the weather front kelly, what a fantastic looking day out there, this evening so pleasant, humidity low. i mean i heat to use this word, a little chilly perhaps by daybreak. take a look at some of the numbers right now. the outlying suburbs in the 60, 63 from frederick. take a look at york pa at 56 degrees right now. man that's
was faking it. >> insanity deffnse. evidence that could keee a maryland woman accused of killing her husband out of prison. >> hundreds of guns. them on display today. >> suspecteddrrssian spice unddr arrest. why there is still an international man hunt. >> and getting stuck in the wall. how it saved one man's life. >>>live in high definition, from fox 45 news "late edition". jenniffr is off. jury will soon decide if mary koontz knew what she was doing when she murdererd her husbbnd and tried to kill her daughter. doctors claim koontz was psychotic the day of the shootinns. >> much f tooay's testimony focused on whether mary koontz is lying about her mental illness. clinical psychologist took the stand this morning and told jurors kunst suffers from eight different mental disorddrs. dr. brandt testified that koontz was scott and i can delusional husband and attempted to shoot their daughter. >> when she was wwlking up from tte stteet to the house, she was seeing herself frrm a diitancc. out of body experience. -hat's the delusional base. it is this constant that ron was sexually abusing -he
from getting pregnant. >> i think they should swap them for a couple of maryland terrapins. >>> everybody is in a weekend holiday mood. we have the weather to go with it. we have been basking in the flower of this low humidity with a bright blue sky and sparkling sunshine. today, no different. there is the theme overlooking northwest washington in the foreground from our sky watcher camera, about 300 feet up. we can see downtown that's going to be the scene of the big parades and fireworks display. it's under 75 at national airport where the precipitation so far this year is running almost six inches below average. don't the area lawns show it. everything is looking parched. in prince george's county, mid-70s. it has mihit the mid to upper 7. right near the chesapeake bay, the beautiful waters of the bay, a bit of a chop on the bay. annapolis, 72. the bay water temperatures are near 80. it it quite warm. great for activity on the bay this week conditioned as well as the atlantic beaches from lewis, delaware, down to ocean city. terrific weather for the beaches. look at the
maryland. yeardley love -- the information should be released in the case. the 22-year-old lacrosse player was found dead in her apartment in may. fellow student and former student george huguely is charged with her murder. >>> today's the third day for the murder hotline and calls are pouring in. 21 women called saying they were raped and sexually assaulted and more than half of the people want their cases reopened. >>> nine of the 11 accused russian spies appear before judges and one has confessed. one of the men admits he worked for russia's intelligence service. >>> a judge denied bail for two so far. investigators don't think any of them stole state secrets. >>> the oil spill reached a new record. a live look underwater at the source of the largest oil spill in the gulf of mexico's history. more than 140.6-gallons of oil spilled into the gulf, breaking the previous record of 140 millions of gallons. that was from 1979 to 1980. the exact number is important. bp will be fined for each and every gallon. >>> and the u.s. labor department report is not good new. here's the preview. >> repo
the uva campus and maryland is in the spotlight. the public may soon learn more about the killing of yeardley love. denise. >> reporter: well, it's been nearly two months since yeardley love was found dead in her apartment and now, a judge is unsealing most of the search warrants in the case. the lacrosse player was 22 when she was killed and her former boyfriend was charged with the murder and he allegedly slammed her head against the wall. the document set to be released sent details from searches of two cars and the list of items in the student's apartments. >> she was a graduate of notre dame prep. >>> some of the miserable experiences for maryland rail commuters are sweltering heat. it all may pave the way for better rides across the country. here's more with alex demetrick. >> reporter: the horror stories of airplanes holding passengers for hours on end led for a bill of rights for travelers on air planes and now, they may have one for rail travelers. 900 travelers were trapped inside sweltering conditions. >> it was 107 degrees. >> it was terrible, it was traumatic. >> some
a legally registered handgun from florida to maryland. >> lots of people are heading down to the ocean. officials are expecting ocean city to be crowded. if you have not book your hotel rooms, there are still some available. >> i think it will fill up but there is some availability now. i recommend people call our toll-free number or go online and get rooms that way, but i would get rooms as soon as you can. >> do not forget the travel section on our website, that is the place to turn to regardless of work you're heading this weekend. >> it will be a few more days before all the oil containment efforts resumed in the gulf. >> some new equipment may be added to the battle clad -- the battle plan. leanne gregg has more. >> now that alex has planned, barges are being repositioned. skimming vessels are returning. on a boat tour, this hardening finds. >> we know more oil is there. >> there is some optimism. >> we're going to win this war. >> a third containment vessel will double the amount of oil bp can siphon. weather forced the delay of putting it into service earlier this we
to fix a massive water main in potomac, maryland that is on the brink of failing. our kristin fisher has more on the latest repair efforts. >> reporter: these crews have been working around the clock, and they have made a ton of progress, but there's much more work to be done. wssc is estimating it at least will be monday before the pipe is back up and running and these mandatory water restrictions are lifted. after 24 hours of drilling and digging, wssc crews uncovered the 16-foot long section of pipe that needs to be replaced. they have also exposed a fiber optic wire that first alerted authorities that this part of the pipe was failing. >> i understand the technology really saved us. >> reporter: brian stanley lives across the street from the faulty pipe. he's the first to admit the construction and mandatory water restrictions are inconvenient but also the first to point out this could have been a repeat of the massive river road water main break two years ago. >> it could have been very bad. so it was a big sigh of relief to actually see the trucks and not see water. so, you know, h
degrees in washington right now. 79 in fairfax. 81 in manassas. 86 degrees in frederick, maryland. gaithersburg, 81 right now after a 53-degree start this morning. manassas, virginia, dropped down to 50 this morning. currently at 80 degrees with the sunshine. if you are one of the lucky ones, you got the tickets to watch the nationals take on the new york mets. first pitch time, 7:05. perfect baseball weather. temperature about 78 degrees at first pitch. there is the good night forecast. clear skies, temperatures back down into the low 70s by 11:00 p.m. a clear and quiet evening coming up. big warm-up arrives on sunday. the fourth of july. and by the looks of it, that big warm-up may be sticking around through much of the upcoming workweek. we'll detail that in the seven-day forecast. you need to be bracing yourself for more. perhaps near 100 degree heat coming our way very, very soon. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >>> about 35 million americans are expected to travel 50 or more miles this holiday weekend. according to aaa, that's a big increase from last year when fewer t
and on pennsylvania and maryland between first and third street. that's going to be closed down as well. watch for that for dc starting today throughout the weekend and until tuesday. switch over and see what we have next on the roadways. as we move on to 395 right now. northbound, southbound looking good. a little more traffic as we approach after 5:00 in the morning. construction is all clear from overnight. move on to see how things are looking on 95 southbound. right now it looks okay. you may be seeing some delays on the micking bowl but construction is clear, as well. andrea, back to you. >>> it is shaping up to be a hot and dry 4th of july weekend for 2 million of us. the washington suburban sanitary commission has mandatory water restrictions on customers whose crews worked to repair a huge water main that's on the brink of failing. kristin fisher is live in potomac with the latest. >> reporter: crews here have been working around the clock to get this water main repaired. but it is likely going to be at least three -- three more days before it is fixed. you can see the crews working a
morning in a row, western maryland, west virginia. eastern shore, upper 50s and right at the atlantic beaches, it's a cool morning but a terrific day under way with a clear sky. we'll have lots of sunshine, we certainly do need pran. it does not appear we're going to have any chance of rain all the way into next week as this enormous area of high pressure will give us plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. the low humidity will be in place through sunday and heating trend as we get into the weekend. highs today low 80s, mid-90s on the fourth of july. getting humid next week. >>> as we get under way, hard to tell from this picture, authorities were responding to an accident on the beltway inner loop. we'll look around and see what we can see. elsewhere over on the beltway, prince george's county on the inner loop and outer loop, they are still picking up the overnight road work. we're doing pretty well as friday morning gets under way. >> we are following a breaking story out of center vil, virginia, a fire ungulfed a house. look at this house. flames can be seen shooting through the r
. >> on 95 in maryland, i 70, 270, nothing at the wilson bridge. in virginia there's a crash from alexandria headed to springfield. on the inner loop at the exit for van dorn street, be careful even eisenhower avenue. traffic is able to get through. be prepared for that. traffic across the american legion bridge moving nicely. traffic away from us on the right is out of bethesda. headlights on the right are from tysons. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thanalmost 2 million people around here locally left out to dry because of an emergency water main fix in montgomery county. >> expected to last several days. pamela brown is live in potomac. >> the crews are hard at work. they will be working on this pipe in potomac for the next three days at least. more than 2 million customers will have to make sacrifices until then. they're asking them to cut back on water by one-third. that means no outside water usage, including topping of swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing cars. you are asked to limit showers, washing dishes, and clothing. they say the sacrifices are worth it to avoid another
started trending in the right direction. >> students at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone is always looking for jobs. >> and the start of a strong recovery. the issue of extending unemployment benefits will not be settled until 10 more days until the senate gets back from a break. >> find out if your job is one of the safest car might get it now on while you are there, see how others are coping with losing their jobs. >> in light of the mishaps on local marc trains, congressman dutch ruppersberger introduced a commuter's bill of rights to protect those -- protect the safety of those riding the trains. >> the best way to describe this, think of it as the air travelers bill of rights. this bill calls for all public transit operators to come up with a comprehensive plan to make sure that what happened a couple of weeks ago never happens again. it has been nicknamed day -- the hell train. passengers were left stranded on the train for two hours without air-conditioning or water. this woman was one of those passengers. >> there were senior citizens, based. -- babies
>>> passenger rights, a nightmare for commuters, prompted a maryland congressman to take action. >> i'm mary bubala. people are talking about, angry hot and frustrated passenger. problems continue to plating riders. now congressman dutch ruppersberger is bringing a commuter's bill of rights to washington. >> the horror stories of airplanes holding passengers on and on tarmacs and runways, led to a passenger bill of rights for passengers. the breakdown left 900 passengers stranded in sweltering conditions, no air- conditioning, no relief. >> there was no air- conditioning, no electricity. >> no one is in control of the marc commuter system. >> reporter: that prompted congressman dutch ruppersberger to introduce a bill guaranteeing a passenger bill rough rights. >> it requires them to provide passenger with adequate foorksd water, restroom, ventilation and medical services as well as a time frame under which passengers can exit the vehicle after three hours. >> i think it's a great idea. i would hate to be on that plane. >> reporter: they don't expect that legislation to leave the
. >>> some residents from maryland will have to spend the weekend using less water. it'll be a few days before a faulty water main is replaced. sherri ly has the latest on this. >> reporter: you know what? the good thing is, they caught this early, before that water main actually broke. wssc crews had been working around-the-clock trying to make repairs. the next step was for them to cut it out and replace a 16-foot section of the 96-inch water main. water restrictions will remain in place for prince georges and montgomery counties. lynne rigins joins me. >> take shorter showes , don't run your dishwasher or washing machine unless it's full. don't flush your toilet unless you use it. if you can cut water consumption by 1/3, it will help other customers and fire protection. >> reporter: you cut out a concrete section to test the waters that reinforce the concrete of this water main, what did you find? >> we found that our proactive technology and proactives, indicated what wires were failing. we exposed the wires, did a cockpit annuity test on them and some of the wires failed. we need
maryland." jamie is on the go this morning. we'll check in with him later. in the meantime, let's check in with meteorologist justin burke. >> 6:29. we're taking a look at the headlines here. we had ourselves an 11-day stretch of 90 degree temperatures. it was 81 yesterday. low 80s today. we start building things back up close to 90 tomorrow and 90s on the 4th of july. ok, if that's not hot enough, we crank up the humidity and more heat next week will be between 97 and maybe a few more runs at 100. another heat wave about to build. yesterday, 81 in baltimore. 76 in york. a pleasant day today. we'll talk about the heat wave coming up. here's kim. >> thanks, justin. we have a couple of incidents we're working downtown this morning including an on-going police investigation. baltimore street closed between calvert and south street. because of an overnight shooting down in that area. expect to see some minor delays there as well. also, some fire activity reported cathedral street between tyson and chase has that intersection closed. as we take a peek at our cameras, traffic looking
maryland, northern virginia we have lower 50s as well and even locally over to reston, 53, sterling and great falls 55 degrees. andrews is 59. 63 columbia and 62 ft. belvoir. arlington 61. a great day. a lot of sunshine. if you are going to be outside, use the spf factor because you can burn easily this time of the year. high temperatures below average in the lower 80s. that's going to change by sunday. patranya bhoolsuwan, how's it looking? >> good morning. i wish i could say it is quiet out there. just 4:30 but we have some accidents to tell you about if you are heading out early to work or to get out of town this early friday morning. on 495 in virginia, we have an accident here at van doren inner loop. two lanes are taken away for drivers. it will be slow between eisenhower and the mixing bowl. on 95, look at this, a lot of traffic. drivers have been telling us it has been slow most of last night and in to this morning and two accidents to add to this, 6444 -- 644 and backlick. with want to tell you about road closures in dc. we will tell you more about that in the next hit. >>>
for almost 2 million residents in maryland. good afternoon. i am alison starling. there are mandatory restrictions on customers. the water woes will last throughout the holiday weekend. people are having to cut back. good afternoon, pamela. >> we have spoken to several customers. it appears they are following orders. we have seen people out in their gardens not using water. people have reported taking military showers. they are cutting back on water usage. no one has reported a loss in water pressure. behind me, there is an active seen. the crews are still draining the water before they cut out the faulty section. it could take several days before things are restored. this holiday weekend, there will be plenty of fireworks. waterworks are a different story in montgomery and prince george's counties. the line that delivers water to 1.8 million customers is out of commission. >> it is so close to the house. it is great there were able to be proactive before this became a big issue. >> they're working to fix part of the 96-inch pipe after of fiber-optic cable detected fibers snapping ins
living in these conditions and you have the ability to correct them and you do nothing. >> at maryland legal aid attorneys want tenants to know, if landlords do not repair problems, they urge tenants to contact the county inspector and document everything. >>> bob ehrlich is exppeted to officially toss the hat into the governor. he is scheduled to be in annapolis this afternoon to file for candidacy with the board of elections. the former govvrnor will be looking to reclaim hissold job in a rematch with martin o'malley on wednesday. ehrlich announced his running ú%te will be mary kane his3 former secretary of state. ssay tuned for fox 45 morning news continuing coverage of this story. we will alk with a polltical analyst about ehrlich's choice running mate. 7:00 hour.ming up in the >>> the war of records conninues as ehrlich criticizes the3 governor's response to theemarx %-trace secretary missed mmetin. those comments have sparked a debate. >> i surrounded the people's cabinet wiihhvery competent secretaries. i have not loaded it up with3 cronies as ehrlich did. i will put the pen m
will be hitting the pavement. forrthe first time troopees from the maryland state police will also keep an eye on the crowd..3 and the maryland transpprtation authority willlbe nvolved. many of the people will be reccgnizable, but some will be undercover watching the crowds from beneath. and the commissioner says you nned to ooyour part as well. ú% a very good ppan of where you %-going to go and how you areoue going to leave.3 if you don't have that plan, you could be frustrattd. >> reporter: the beef up security comes after another once again here, investigators inside and outside of queens puka bar for a shootiig that happened at 31!! 3:15. they are still looking at what evidence hey can find. theee was a hat and a shirt they ú%st ggthered up and they'rr still inside looking for cluee. what i hear the person that was serious condition taken to the hospital. joel d smith, ox 44 early edition. baltimore currently the lowest it has been in the last 25 years. at this time last year there were 150 murddrr recorded in the city. as of today, there have been 100 killings. in this case baltimo
at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone i talk to is always looking for jobs. especially now. >> reporter: and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. meanwhile, the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled. at least until senate gets back from its break in ten days. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. >>> the next jobs report along with pay roll fell for the first time in six months, sent stocks tumbling and ends a dismal week. it fell about 46 points today to close at 9686. the nasdaq also dropped by about ten points to chose at 2092. the s&p 500 ended about five points lower to close at 10.23. >> sally may is leaving northern virginia. it is the nation's largest student hender. officials in delaware announced today that the outfit sally mae is moving its corporate headquarters from reston, virginia, to newark, del tell. they say they will recommend that they receive a state grant of 3% of the capital investment at the new site with a cap of $3 million. the new headquarters is expected to open in march. >>> when
to the university of maryland college park next year. >> congratulations. will you guys sing for us a little bit? give us a preview of what we'll hear. >> okay. ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [music] ♪ [music] ♪ [music] ♪ [music] ♪ >> wow. [ applause ] you're all ready for oh, say can you sing. you'll have a great musical background and great area to do it. if you want to go hear them sing and you haven't seen this before, it is such an amazing spectacular event. all of that information is on your screen including numbers to call for tickets. congratulations to both of you. you gave me the chills. you both sound so great. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate you coming in. you have to come back and compose something for us. you have to keep in touch. i can't believe you are 16. it's amazing. >>> stay with us this morning. we'll be right back. good job. that was great. >>> work hard and drink good booze. >> this morning, we're all trying to find ways to live longer and live younger, both of those. maybe it's not eating and drinking anymore. we've got the details
now has a running mate. >> the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland mary kane. >> reporter: but kan he's selection was already old news online as ehrlich's campaign posted the pick on facebook late wednesday. >> that partner is mary kane. mary? >> thank you, bob. >> reporter: the 48-year-old kane is an attorney from potomac and was secretary of state in the ehrlich administration. >> we need to focus our debate and our talks on how to bring maryland's economy back. that is the first and foremost thing that our job is going to be as leaders in this state. >> reporter: while mary kane could bring republican female votes, her family business connection are also bringing questions. >> nonissue as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: husband john kane's moving company was sued by the u.s. government for underpaying workers in violation of federal contract rules and for issuing false documents claiming it was in compliance. >> not related to the political issue. it's not a state of maryland issue. it's a federal review issue. it has nothing to do with the candidate, no
en caso de una emergencia de un incendio en ambos condados en silver spring maryland jose angel aguirre univision un juez conuna fianza de 250 mil dolares.... la periodista peruada radicada en nueva york es una de once presuntos espias rusos arrestados por vivienda fue costeada por el gobierno ruso, y que pelaez entrego cartas aunque ama a su hijo, no abandonaria su servicio de espionaje ruso ni siquiera por su el... mas de un millon trescientos mio podran recibir sus beneficios por desempleo antes del fin de semana largo del dia de independencia... n s proximas semanas, ya que aunque la camara de representants voto a favor de la extension a o plaz dichos beneficios, el esfuerzo fue inutil en el senado.. las subvenciones promedian un poco mas de 300 dolares semanales... edgar muÑuz nos cuenta como llegan los equipos y como esta el hambiente. que tal partidos los de maÑana, por ahora es todo, yo vuelvo lante el presidente habla de la reforma migratoria, pero hay nada concreto en el congreso... uso hoy a la palabreria economicos de haber emanado la eforma las ley
and nothhng. >> at maryland legal aid attorneys want tenantt to know they doohave rights. if land plordz d landlords do ne problem they urge tenant to contact the county inspector and document everything. >>> president obama spoke yesterday in d.c. he says we need to take more borders. the president also stated that the ccrrent system is broken but that arizona's law is no solutionn >> it's not just that the law arizona passed is -- although it has fanned the flames of a contentious debatt. laws like arizona put huge pressure on local law enforcement, can force rules that ultimately are unenforceable. >> the resident says new hard and follow the law while in ú%erica. that legislltion would go inno effect this month inside and3 stay tuned to fox 45 morrinn3 news for ccntinuing coverage of this story. we wiil talk to congressman elijah cummings about the president's push for immigration reform. that is coming up later this hour. >>> coming u it's america's big birthdayybash with a liitle bit of a twist. howwfort mchenry is celebrating the fourth of july hawaiian style. >>> let's start the
of maryland are in a bit of a doubt right now officially at. we could use showers because we are in a very dry weather pattern. that is good news for the fourth of july weekend. clouds are pushing to the east, mostly sunny across the region. 65 right now at reagan national. it's 47 in winchester. you need a light jacket out west. 82 and sunny today. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, near 90 degrees. and the humidity by the fourth of july, mid-90s. >>> southbound to 70 out of frederick getting to montgomery county looks fabulous. 95 virginia, the left side of the screen in this camera is trying to get to work, with no major talaya out of dale city heading to springfield. the going is the right side in the geico camera, from the belt way down to richmond, the lanes open. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> our top story, almost 2 million people left out to dry. emergency water main work in montgomery county has forced mandatory restrictions on customers all across the region. the water problems will last for days. pamela brown is live in potomac with more details on this. good morning. >> good morning.
the economy. >> the future is less certain today for many maryland family spirit our economy is stagnant. families and businesses are disillusioned by high taxes and politicians who talk too much and do too little. >> political analysts say his selection gives him a strong foothold in the critical area of montgomery county. >> where the most voters are, the most republicans, month permit county will be essential in this election. >> ehrlich lost montgomery county to martin o'malley by nearly 7 90,000 votes in 2006. helen holton is once again in the clear of bribery charges. she had been accused of bribery by getting some local developers to go in on a pole. the decision was upheld to dismiss the case against her. she still faces separate charges of campaign finance violations. >> we're halfway through 2010 and the murder rate is at its lowest in nearly 30 years. homicide detectives have been called to investigate 100 murders. that is the lowest total since 1983. shootings in general remained about the same as last year. fewerore has not havd than 200 slayings since 1988. >> police were c
visibility. look at the morning temperatures. in western maryland, it was in the low-40's. cumberland was 46 degrees. all of that will be changing. here are the averages. july is usually our hottest month of the year. by the middle of july, temperatures are on average around 89 degrees. i am forecasting though that on monday it could be 97 degrees. there will be great weather for the fireworks, but it will be a sizzling hot day on sunday. it will be in the upper-80's with heat and humidity. i will give you more details later in the program. >> hundreds of thousands of people will be feeling the heat, crowding the national mall for the holiday. preparations are underway to get ready for the massive crowd. we are live with details. >> it is one of the busiest fireworks -- one of the biggest fireworks displays and the country. here and the national mall they have been busy, and tourists say they are excited about the big show. the portable bathrooms are in place, but all of the preparation makes some people hesitant. >> i think it is going to be really crowded on sunday. there will be a lot of
in the rise of the university of maryland in march will have to perform community service. he didn't admit guilt but accepted the 90 hours he was sentenced to today. he was one of six students arrested march 3rd after the -- after the terps beat duke in basketball. the charges include rioting, disorderly conduct, arson and destruction of property. >>> busted, two dozen people gathered to watch an illegal street race. police say they broke it up before it could start and it was less than the mile from the deadly crash that killed eight people. >> some individuals that even though we had that tragedy, they feel immortal. >> the people who organized the race are part of the same network of people who organized the deadly street race two years ago. >>> and officers issued close to 200 citations and dozens of repair orders to people in the crowd and the news edge on virginia. and -- in centreville. the flames broke out on ellicott court and that took crews 40 minutes to get the fire out. the house is a total loss. someone put used fireworks they thought were out in a buck oat the porch and. >>>
of school and commit crimes and enup pregnant. >>> maryland say six people laid to rest this year. the most recent death is an adult from montgomery county. two people died from baltimore county and four of the victims died inside homes that did not have air conditioning. we have an important health reminder. scorching temperatures and high humidity can take a toll on you and it is important you watch out for the signs of heat-read emness. dehydration symptoms are nausea, and fever. and dizziness. >> low grade is what you will start with. 99-degree temperature. as you become much sicker and approach heat stroke, really, a temperature can get over 103 degrees. >>> now, if you have any signs of heat exhaustion. drink plenty of water. it can turn into a heat stroke which is an emergency situation. >>> it is a great start to the fourth of july weekend. looking at a live picture downtown. the big question everyone wants to know, how is the weekend shaping up. hey, mike. >> hi, kelly. lots of sunshine and low hum and temperatures below average. we will watch it come right back. and hotter than th
investigators say that it was a faulty refrigerator that led to a massive fire in frederick, maryland, last night. the flames broke out after 7:00 near an industrial building near all saints streets. nobody was inside at the time of the fire. damage is estimated at $2.5 million. investigators have not specified what it was that sparked the fire. >>> part of alexander remains closed because of a water main break. traffic the blocked in both directions. crews have worked all day and night to make sure it is safe. king street is expected to be back open in time for the morning commute. >>> coming up, the oil sent towards shores is arriving in heavy doses. >>> temperatures are about perfect tonight, but the fourth, it's going to be a different story. >>> we'll tell you how many burgers it took to win the contest here >>> the body of senator byrd is back home in west virginia tonight. earlier today, people from across the country visited the u.s. capitol to pay their respects. senator byrd was the longer serving member of the senate. >> he was an institution. a great depefender of the institutio
arrested. >>> another big story we're following tonight. two maryland counties being told to shut off the water. a huge part of the state's population right now is stuck with serious water restrictions because of trouble in a water main. fox 5's bob barnard live in potomac with the story. bob? >> reporter: wssc is the utility, brian. it's nearly two -- its nearly two million customers here in montgomery and prince george's counties being told to conserve water. mandatory restrictions now in effect because of a potential leak in a massive water main right over there. they're working about ten feet below ground along tuckerman lane across the street from churchill high school in potomac trying to find out why an early warning system using fiber optic cable signaled trouble with a 41-year-old 96- inch water main. >> before the pipe ruptures, we know there's something wrong. we can shut it down before something happens, get in there and fix the problem. >> reporter: in the meantime water is being redirected to much smaller pipes requiring mandatory restrictions on nearly all forms of outd
are just in the first two categories. the abnormally dry period. northern virginia. northern maryland. but the drought won reaching moderate drought conditions this parts of southern maryland. a little bit of rain in the forecast and that should help things out. but that won't be about six, seven days for now. really starting to heat up for the weekend. at least we are staying dry. monday could be triple digit heat. at least the heat index is 103, 104, 105. grilling plans or outdoor activities beautiful for it. temperatures falling through the 70s. another very mild night here overnight tonight. temperatures falling through the lower 60s into the upper 50s. west-north west. code orange air quality day. goes downhill in the next few days. through the next several days code orange. maybe even poor middle of next week air quality. still dry. humidity staying away. 82 in washington. 79 gaithers. 70s in southern pennsylvania. 70s heading over to the eastern shore. forecast now. lots of sunshine. warmth will be felt. first half this holiday weekend. but really through sunday extreme heat st
her boss. >> they feared that maryland needs public tranceity the most -- trance ut the most. >> and -- transit the most. >> the congressman will plan on introducing the commuter bell of rights. >> reporter: burger said it would require operators of buses, trains and planes to have an emergency plan in place in the event of a break done. >> also require see them to provide passengers with food, water, restrooms and medical service as well as a time frame understand which passengers can exit the vehicle after three hours. >> it would require hot lines so operators can answer to their customers. >> i have had problems before. never this bad. >> i have had trains sit down where you are sitting there for 10 or 15 minutes. >> this is two and a half hours and it was actually a crisis. >> in anne arundel county, abc 2 news. >> the highways are congested and tens of thousands of workers heading there. >>> a woman is being held without bail. police say she intentionally crashed her car with her young children in the back seat. it happened last month. >> they say jennifer martin of hal
with the leaking of the tape. >>> this comes to us from wbal in maryland. their first day on campus started with the regulation laircut yesterday, the easy part of a grueling six-week program that will turn them into mid shipmen. now the newbies will have to follow strict orders from upper classmen, memorize their academy's handbook and get used to the 5:30 morning wake-up call. we know. that's like sleeping in. i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> live in hd, beautiful picture of the jefferson memorial this morning. a beautiful morning. 63 degrees, delightful temperatures and delightful cool air. >> it is friday, july 2nd, 2010. mandatory water restrictions are still in place in two maryland counties and they could last through the holiday weekend. >> they were put into place after crews noticed a 96-inch water main was about ready to burst. news 4 has more. >> reporter: clearly this house was not aware of the water restrictions. >> i see your son watering the lawn here. >> i would probably get a ticket. i guess i got to
now is brought to you by geico. >>> officially filing today for a rematch run for maryland governor. it is shaping up as another tight race. republican is still answering reporters questions about a federal lawsuit against the company owned by his new running mate's husband. bruce leshan asks about that and much more in his interview today. >> do you know who you are hanging out with. >> reporter: the two are fired up by new polls in a national mood suggesting that time is running against the democrats. >> going to win four subdivisions and we will win the rest of them. the issue is what the numbers are. >> reporter: but if he hopes to win he will have to cut the huge margins the incumbent governor martin o'malley ran up. she has lost two elections in the county. >> what makes you think that this election would be different for you than the last two times you ran in montgomery county? >> i'm running with bob. >> reporter: she still hesitates on questions about a federal lawsuit alleging double billing, inflated prices and short changed wages at her husband's company. >> but you were
maryland, go to our web site at >>> now your forecast with sandra shaw. >> the good news is there is no threat for showers, but if you really like today, by the fourth it will be down right high, but it was gorgeous today. temperatures were in the low 80's. only upper 70's around westminster. if you are waiting in traffic to get across the bay bridge, at least it is comfortable. clear skies and 58 in the outlying areas. light winds out of the west. we still have a couple of hours until the sun sets, so a nice beautiful day with comfortable temperatures. we will be warmer statewide. it looks like 77 degrees and nice. here in baltimore it will be 88 degrees. that is actually 86 degrees. over on the eastern shore it looks like 84 inland and 80 degrees at the beach. make sure you laugh are up because they uv index will be high. no problems on the waters at chesapeake. we will turn the waves up to 1 foot, so a great day. we can thank this canadian high pressure for giving us this sunny spell. we could use some rain. we will have a client whether weekend, though it will be hot.
. there is the number to call for the maryland sca. you can see more with the fireworks, dogs run off. we see a lot of lost animals, so it's best to keep them inside during those fireworks. the noise is loud, and they are very sensitive to it. if you want to muffle the noise for them, turn on a tv a radio. give them a toy to distract them. >> right now, she is watching tv. >> good advice. don't forget about papaya. there you go. she is up for adoption. that would be a great birthday present for alieen gabby. >> lap you are special to us and you are very dedicated. on a special birthday, you came back to celebrate with with us. >> you need to pick up a six pack like the other. >> don't forget about papaya. how cute is she? >> write the number and give them a call. /zi >> good day at the pool, nice festivity for the weekend evenings, but look at monday. higher humidity is coming in and very high 90s, and we have chances of yjqstrong thunderstorms. yuck. 5:45. let's go to new york right now, amé÷get tech bites. >> google will be a player in the online travel. they have agreed to be a part of the n
make their way to area beaches. the maryland transportation administration estimates that 470,000 vehicles will cross the bridge through monday. aaa mid-atlantic predicts over 817,000 residents will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend. that's 130,000 more than last year. and 750,000 of those travelers will go by car. >> the weather that is heating up big time. just in time for the 4th. we go to the terrace with details of what we can expect. >> reporter: hope you've enjoyed the last few days with beautiful weather here. the temperatures as you said will start to heat up through this weekend. let's start off where we are. lower 80s. few upper 70s out there. looks like 81 our official reading at reagan national. warm up tomorrow. upper 80s near 90 degrees. at least it is staying dry. sunday, temperatures pick up into the middle 90s. the humidity will still be okay. once we go into this next week i know the observed holiday on monday a lot of us will be off. that's when the real humidity starts to come back. we could be flirting with triple digit heat not for one, tw
marylanders will travel. we have more along the beltway with jessica. >> reporter: good evening to you out there and if you are planning on heading to the beach or somewhere fun. gas prices are up but more people are expected to hit the road this year than last year. summer is in full swing and highways are packed with travelers. >> and we're expecting 34.4 million people will be traveling over the weekend. >> the holiday comes amid the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> compared to last year the gas prices here are 12 cents higher, that's consistent with the national average. >> the good news is that the prices are not near the mark like they were back in 2008. and in our state 658,000 people are expected to travel. 92% will be driving. law enforcement officials are out in force. and they will ride the routes and state police droppers are targeting reckless and impaired drivers. >> it will affect driver's judgment, their reaction time, motor skills and memory. it is a national issue. >> reporter: the policy director joined maryland law enforcement launching a new campaign raising awaren
. hagerstown, 57. 40's outed far western maryland. you conceal smudge. that is the cloud deck that has been drifting overhead. it puts a blanket on the atmosphere. it is easy to cool down. some of these readings have taken a dip. a big area of high pressure has driven all of the rain and moisture to the south. you can see the cloud deck. the rains are over taxes. that is what is left of alex. another sunny and pleasant day today. it sounds like a broken record. 83 degrees for a high temperature today. an area of high pressure is outlined there. it keeps all of the rain away from us. we begin to see something organized on monday. that rain will catch up with us. the 74 kansas -- the seven-day forecast keeps us try. reasonable cupidity. temperatures jumping to the mid 90's on the fourth of july. the muggy weather starts on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, very hot and humid with a slight rain chance sneaking in by thursday. >> if you plan on getting a passport or visa, you might want to do so before july 13. that is when the costs will increase from $100 suit $135. teenagers under 16 wil
in the back seat. >> maryland state police say jennifer martin telethe children to buckle p. and she would hit the next car she saw. >> she was driving near the road. and another driver swerved to avoid him. >> hit the front. >> she is charged with abuse and assault. >> the high rise is under investigation. >> friend broke down arched the chase house. >> and no one was hurt. >> well, for many folks, this is getaway day as they head to the ocean. >> they are expecting 300,000 visitors. this holiday weekend. >> it is, actually. it is looking good. >> everyone is in ocean city. >> they are there. >> maybe not. >> we have the time to head to ocean city. >> we will check in with mike. he is in with traffic and weather. >> rise and shine. >> that was, they are way beyond the traffic to the toll plaza. and the traffic is going to continue. >> a nightmare for the remainder of the evening. >> and you can see, it is the clear and trend for the rest of the weekend. we are going to see temperatures continue to climb in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. it is going to get hot. here they are looking at the harbo
accurate by weather rate and maryland's most popular doppler radar. >> i know jamie has got a golf game. the thing is will he show it to us? we asked him yesterday to bring the clubs. hopefully he'll stick with the promise. temperatures at 81 degrees yesterday. that was a gorgeous afternoon to get outside. 67 in easton and ocean city. this morning, we start off in the low 60s across the bay. 48 right now. that's the current temperature in york, pennsylvania. 58 hagerstown. 67 down toward ocean city. everybody shaping up for a fantastic day and weekend and high pressure in control. fresh air out of the north. we've got ourselves a code green air quality across the eastern seaboard. good stuff. we've got ourselves basically a fresh air mass. clouds still pulling off of the great lakes. we mix in a few into the afternoon. a mostly sunny sky. high pressure dominates the scene and look at the green. these are all temperatures in the low 60s this morning. even some 50s back toward roanoke. the warm air has been suppressed into the deep south. it is 73 atlanta. jackson, mississippi. and then w
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